Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier

Project Title
Unraveling Miss Kitty's Cloak

visual art

Grant Amount

The Journey Projects: "Unraveling Miss Kitty's Cloak" is a site-specific sculptural installation that will be created for the Oxford community that remembers Catherine Andrew Boyd, also known as Kitty. James Osgood Andrew, president of the Board of Trustees of Emory College enslaved Catherine Boyd in the early 1800s. In 1844 her ownership split the Methodist Church along regional lines when Andrew refused to free her. The incident is considered a rehearsal for the Civil War. The installation also remembers other enslaved persons in Oxford-Covington, including those enslaved by former presidents of Emory College.

The installation will consist of 4–9 fabric panels, approximately 7'x 40', that incorporate photographs, the names of enslaved persons and documents uncovered in researching Catherine Boyd's life. The artist will work with community residents to complete the panels, which will be installed at Old Church in Oxford, Georgia for a formal program on February 6, 2011. After the Old Church gathering attendees will reconvene at Oxford Cemetery where Boyd is buried. The panels will be laid on the ground forming a pathway that leads from Boyd's gravesite into the African American cemetery, symbolizing Catherine Boyd's return to the black community. Boyd is the only black person buried in Oxford's white cemetery. Boyd's descendants will also attend the ceremony.

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