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Solar Pony Show


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For the past two years, Amy McDaniel has co-produced a hit reading series in Atlanta called Solar Anus. The series has brought talented local, national and international poets and fiction writers to share their work with the Atlanta community with live readings. Concurrently, Natalie Lyalin (also an Atlanta native) has co-edited an online magazine called GlitterPony that has published some of the most exciting poetry to be found anywhere. When Natalie and Amy met one year ago, they decided to join forces. They sought to do something that would bring together the best of both projects without simply being an extension of one of them. The answer: a podcast, to be called the "Solar Pony Show."

This podcast will spotlight the incredible writers who have been a part of Solar Anus or GlitterPony, for a wider audience. It will not merely be a place for them to read from their work; instead, the featured author of each episode will answer interview questions and participate in quirky "featurettes," such as answering bizarre "advice column" questions, sharing their earliest childhood writing, or providing a brainteaser that they answer at the end of the episode. Think of it as a hipper kind of "Fresh Air" for the independent literary community. The "Solar Pony Show" will bring greater awareness to the burgeoning Atlanta literary scene. Independent authors will begin to see Atlanta as a must-stop on their DIY book tours, and Atlantans will get exposure to the kinds of authors who read at Solar Anus.