Bella Dorado

Project Title
de Aquí, de Allá: Stories in Spanglish

Performance, Installation

Grant Amount


Project Description

Artist Bella Dorado’s multimedia show and installation “de Aqui, de Allá: Stories in Spanglish” will examine the American Latinx experience through performance, a salon, bookstore and gallery. The purpose of this show is to manifest a microcosm in which we recreate cultural moments that connect us to our memories of childhood, family traditions, and Latinx idiosyncrasies, but with our millennial generation’s propensity for subversion and decolonization. These are the moments that colored our lives for better or worse; they distinguished us from our non Latinx friends and firmly grounded us in the cultures and narratives we have become geographically removed from. For the non Latinx attendees, this exhibition is an entrance into another facet of American culture. We welcome people of all backgrounds to experience our uniquely American Latin blend of cultures and traditions, uprooted and replanted, but always an homage to our deep Latin roots. Through nostalgia and symbolic repurposing, de Aquí, de Allá: Stories in Spanglish is a space for decolonizing our bodies, reclaiming our identities, and turning patriarchal ideologies to our advantage.

*Latinx is a gender-inclusive term referring to people of Latin American descent.