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50 Day Novel


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In 2008, I wrote a full draft of a novel over a period of 10 days, writing 12–16 hours a day, and paying close attention during periods not writing to what I was immersed in (reading material, film, food, sleep methods, etc). In focusing the period of germination to such a short and intense state, I found I was able to achieve a very specific kind of manic but controlled air and mind. This novel, titled There is No Year, will be coming out April 3, 2011 from Harper Perennial.

My goal now is to write a full draft of another novel using the same process of rigorous consolidation of the body and composition space, though this time by writing a novel over a period of 50 days instead of 10. I'm looking forward to seeing how the extended duration of the containment period affects the work, my body, and the mind space of the channeled affect on the language.