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Hand to Hand Project Catalog

visual art

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To self publish 10 copies of a soft-cover catalog for the Hand to Hand Collaborative Artist Project through the online web site The 10 catalogs will be offered for sale, and as samples for purchasing directly from

Hand to Hand:
Since the beginning of the Iraq War in March 2003, I painted a news story almost daily on stuffed white gloves. These gloves depict the newspaper headline, the date the story appeared and my interpretation of the event. Each glove is a "rosary bead" in this on-going, meditation of war witnessing. They are not for or against the war.

Since January 2006, I expanded the project to include other artists in a variety of media as a living community dialog. Each artist has signed up for a specific week. They have chosen a news story a day during "their week" and created glove-related art works in response. There are now 187 artists participating from all across the USA, and Turkey and about 1600 glove/hand artworks to date. Hand to Hand has appeared in whole or part in 15 galleries across the U.S.A.