Project Title
The Ood: A Field Guide to Apocalyptic Worlds for _____ Children


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From within a liminal womb, a triptych of women figures navigate the specters of their children across troubled terrain- present, past, and future. Soundtracked by an Opera, tongues (glossolalia) and hiphop aesthetic, The Ood guide those in incubation, challenging the parameters of motherhood, language, the sexbody, and myth in this performance art experience.

Performed inside a theatrical black box, the inaugural project seeks to be an accessible public art experience by providing an Instagram Live 360-degree filmed perspective, utilizing multiple Instagram accounts for the event. In the legacy of bold and challenging performance works, The Ood, breaks the mode of simply intimate, in-person performance art in Atlanta's art scape, pushing the limit of what the maternal body can do along the way. The three women figures, representing lyricism, operatic glossolalia, and an endurance tested movement-heavy body, dialogue with their children across space and time, a back and forth of language crafted with quotidian movement, DJ mixing and scratching, and a poetic question and answer script. Is this a play? Is this dance? Is this performance art? Is this other? Yes, it is all of the above.