Project Title
Improv Flash Mob


Grant Amount


Imagine walking through Little Five Points, or leisurely shopping at Lenox, when you hear a band of voices suddenly raised in polyrhythmic harmonies, joyfully singing wild, improvised creations. Instead of the traditional flash mobs that use familiar songs, theImprov Flash Mob interacts with and reacts to the environments in which they sing. Improv Flash Mobs occur at unexpected but highly visible locations, drawing the public into the improvisation.

To prepare, artist Elise Witt will offer Impromptu Glorious Chorus™ workshops at sites in diverse neighborhoods around Atlanta. Spontaneous improvised harmonic vocal pieces arising out of our physical, social, spiritual, and emotional environment are created in the moment. Singers hold harmony parts while a leader improvises new parts. The circle morphs and changes as the fire of harmony ignites, and the piece takes on a life of its own, shifting and moving with the inspiration of the group. The beauty of the Improv Flash Mob is that the public doesn’t know who is “officially in,” and so the vibe is that everyone can join, turning any environment into a spontaneous communal musical masterpiece.