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Igniting concrete realities and cultural exchange over a 2-week period, Pupil is a virtual, public art installation in the form of contemporary dance classes, aimed at sharing movement philosophies and dance steps that "quake" the city of Atlanta. From our earliest memory, we are taught to maintain physical, and gestural sensibility, in public. Pupil will challenge this sensibility, by encouraging the community of Atlanta to pause and skip, stop and twist, stay and stretch. The artists are interested in these daily acts of random pause, particularly ones that promote exchanges of gesture and ways of moving together, and how that deftly affects urban landscapes, such as Atlanta. As well, the artists are interested in expanding on this idea for future educational reaches, as hybrids of "distance learning" allow us to reach those we might not otherwise due to limitations of time, space and resources. SPATIAL: 3 public interventions in 3 unique places in Metro Atlanta. THEMES: Negotiating, Economy of, Grooving, 3rd grade. MEDIUM: Media, Highly physical Universal gesture, Being together.