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Stay Here in Atlanta

social project

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Atlanta is a growing city and holds a potential of becoming a great city of arts and culture. However, many young artists do not find the city attractive enough to stay after their schooling (MFAs). The city does not attract artists from other states to come and stay either. There are not enough funding and opportunities for young artists. Besides, it is not a walking city and it does not have MoMA, PS1, or the Bean. Or perhaps, young artists just have misconceptions of this city.

I have been keeping up my blog for about one and half years now. Lately, I have been getting about 100 page views per day on my blog. My recent blog entry "Stay Here in Atlanta" addresses an issue of encouraging emerging artists to stay in the city and has received a lot of attention. Creative Loafing recently quoted my blog as well.

For one year, I will write letters, visit studios, and buy lunches for young artists in Atlanta like myself. And I will write about young artists I meet on my blog. Not only will I get to introduce these young artists to the public via blogging (which I hope to make more sophisticated), I also get to then create a sense of community of young artists here in Atlanta.