Project Title
Everything Will Be OK

visual art

Grant Amount


A city-wide graffiti and street art project.

This is the title of everything I have made. As it relates to events of ambition and disaster in the past, this phrase articulates a philosophical perspective of fear and hope for The Future.

Institutions and events are rich with optimistic potential for human achievement and tragic with the potential reality of lachrymose disaster. Some events of human failure are so heavy with relevance that they are branded into memory as symbols.

These symbols are my subjects to exhibit. These exhibits are burdens of failure; personal and global, historic and potential. They are designed to propose this postulate: Why did these events occur? What can be done to control events in The Future?

This is my method for making sense of a present created by the past. These are my attempts to measure the past to gauge The Future. The goal of this thesis is to dictate that Future.