Project Title
The Maestro


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Juel D. Lane is an independent choreographer who is constantly pushing the envelope of dance in all mediums. In 2010, Lane co-directed a dance-on-camera film entitled Just Another Day with cinematographer Eric Sherertz. Dance Magazine featured it as video of the month for October 2010. Just Another Day has prompted him to create a series of various dance films. The first of these films will be entitled The Maestro, inspired by Ernie Barnes’ painting of the same name in which a sleek, elongated male figure acts as the conductor of sounds spilling out of a radio. This image reminds Juel of the way in which we are all conductors of our robust lives, filled with hopes and dreams. The Maestro is guided by the sounds of everyday life and Lane’s internal metronome—a rhythmic heart. Atlanta soul singer Maiesha McQueen voice will serve as the “stream of consciousness” that is in conversation with Lane’s body.