Project Title
Couples: Reimagined


Grant Amount


Atlanta is known as the "gay mecca of the South." Although the city can be a bubble of acceptance, there are still many inequalities that persist for LGBTQ couples living in Georgia. Over the past two years, Shacham has taken portraits of LGBTQ couples in hopes of reflecting loving relationships within the community. Her goal is to show these portraits to a wider audience.

Shacham will place her photographs in outdoor spaces within neighborhoods surrounding Metro Atlanta. The portraits will be life size, not only to increase visibility, but also to ensure the viewer has the experience that they are sharing something with the couple in the photograph. LGBTQ youth will engage in determining which locations should feature the portraits and will join in putting up the photographs. Finally, this work will be temporary. After the photos are gone, it will remain in people's minds. It will be up to the viewer to question society's view of queer couples and wonder about their own role in changing perceptions.