Project Title
Klimchak's Lebeato Lounge


Grant Amount


I will build new percussion instruments and compose a piece of music for them. The resulting composition will be performed in various galleries and alternative spaces in an effort to expose a new audience to 21st century percussion music. Much new music composed and performed in the classical idiom is for percussion. At the same time, much of the current popular music is based on heavy but simplistic drum beats and rhythms. The popular audience has had their appetite whetted for percussion, but they're never going to go to the concert hall to hear music. I think that this audience is ripe for discovering modern percussion music if it can be brought out of the concert hall and into alternative spaces.

My previous percussion project for Art on the Beltline confirmed my belief in this. "Percussion Discussion" showcased 5 improvisational percussion duets using unusual percussion instruments played under bridges along the Beltline. Audiences started small, but word of mouth caused a steady ramp-up until the last concert of the series hosted over 125 audience members. I received pleas to continue the series even after the project was completed. This grant will allow me to take the next step in that direction. By composing a work for newly created instruments I will be able to show it whenever and wherever an audience is available. The performance numbers should be able to be pushed until they peak. If interest is sustained, I can continue to make more new percussion works.


Twitter account for more information: @LebeatoLounge