Laura Asherman

Project Title
Power Lines (working title)

Grant Amount


Project Description

Power Lines is a 15 to 25 minute short film about the environmental and economic damages of the expansion of Georgia’s Plant Vogtle nuclear power plant, focusing on how power in Georgia–both in the sense of control and electricity–is in the hands of one behemoth monopoly, Georgia Power. This film will expose the degree to which Georgia ratepayers have been stripped of their agency in terms of the sustainability, cost, and health risks associated with this controversial nuclear expansion.

Eight years since the outset of the project, Plant Vogtle expansion has proven to be a magnificent failure. Westinghouse, the contractor tasked with building the reactors, has filed for bankruptcy and pulled out of the project; the timeline has been pushed back an additional five years; and the new price tag is predicted to be $25 billion more than expected. In the current scenario, Georgia Power will continue profiting from the failing project while customers continue to foot the bill.

In weaving together interviews with impactful personal stories, this film will reach audiences on an intellectual and emotional level, digging into the question, “Why is Plant Vogtle being expanded, despite its economic and environmental inviability?”