Project Title
Heisenberg Boulevard

Visual Art/ Travel Grant

Grant Amount


Heisenberg Boulevard is a large-scale installation showing geologically and chemically active landscapes where evidence of chemo-physical exchanges is visible. The non-romanticized views of nature (volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, geysers, tornadoes, planets, stars and moons) will not be represented as a threat, but as sources of energy. The preliminary research leads towards the Mineral Geysers in Black Rock Desert, Nevada; calcium carbonate structures in Mono Lake, California; Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone, Wyoming; and a saline endorheic alkali lake in British Columbia. By arresting the view from overly familiar and romanticized landscapes the artists aim to untether viewers from a nostalgia, which they believe to be based in a fear of the future. This installation will provide images of a possible society where human beings are in an expanded symbiotic state with nature. Heisenberg Boulevard is an homage to complex relationships from the vast cosmos to the internal structures of a biological cell passing through society and its collective expectations. This project should foster an interdisciplinary debate that includes history of cinema, science, media, art and possible images of a desired future.