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Visual Art 

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hymHouse, an exhibition, is a collaboration of female and female-identified artists selected by Stephanie Pharr, Onur Topal-Sumer, and Martha Whittington to pay homage to Judy Chicago’s Woman House. hymHouse explores and elaborates on the changing social and domestic roles, experiences, attitudes and attributes surrounding women in the twenty-first century. This project moves beyond the feminist view and includes female-identification as a new dimension.

Themes include female competition and moving toward female bonding; communication as healing; positively progressing through a male-dominated world; protest art as humor and activism; asking for worth; body image and female perspective as both an insider and outsider point of view; and making honest statements and critiques about contemporary womanhood.

Concepts will include dance performances, physical theater, installation, video projection, and inviting the community to contribute interactively.