Project Title
God in Man


Grant Amount


Henderson will present a series of experimental short-short films as "street art" projections throughout the city of Atlanta. These films feature nine men who operate as modern-day shamans, offering healing through music, art, or in one man's case, hugs. Each man was filmed in a relevant environment with his personal "implements," many of which were items passed down to him by a grandfather or other male ancestor. Each man's greatest asset though, lies in his ability to be vulnerable, making the films intimate and honest. God in Man illuminates the part of the everyday man that is ancient and wise beyond his years and whose work assists not only the health and well-being of his community, but the health of the world at large. Henderson will introduce these men in both obscure and high-traffic locations throughout the city, challenging the stereotypical male criminal persona by bringing open-hearted, positive images of men to the streets. God in Man will be exhibited over the course of nine days, with social media and word-of-mouth as the primary machine to organize flash mob style audience participants for each man's installment of the series. These pop-up exhibitions will also serve to draw an audience for the finale event, which will be a screening and experiential installation art show at Highland Inn Ballroom. Here, Henderson will feature a full edit of the nine films with personal narrations from the nine men and several installations throughout the multi-room space.