Project Title
The Johnny Show

Multimedia Performance

Grant Amount


Hofer will develop a live, mixed-media, interactive performance about two preteen girls and their emerging sexual notions. The Johnny Show (working title) is a comedy that pits shame and repression against freedom and curiosity. Loosely influenced by the controversial books of Judith Levine (My Lover/My Enemy and The Perils of Protecting Minors from Sex), the story features two eight-year-old friends creating an imaginary world of discovery with the audience. A sub-story involves three adults whose conflict occurs mostly offstage. Using humor to examine innocent confusions and curiosities, the show explores the playful but risky investigations of two mischievous and precocious girls who conduct candid interviews with audience members. The aim of the piece is to increase tolerance and understanding in a world inundated with confusing information. The ultimate goal is a live and filmed series incorporating a variety of audience-generated stories.