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Post Up


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T. Lang, artistic director and choreographer of T. Lang Dance, takes on an exposé of fantasies and the delusional headspace of love in her latest work, Post Up. Dissecting the literature of Harriet Williams’ Help Me Find My People while generating movement language from uncensored conversations on “love” and the analysis of personal diary entries that beg for the return of a deceased loved one, this work investigates how one puts oneself in an unfortunate state of destruction while trying to maneuver through love’s path. Displaying entangled aggressive movement while revealing staggering tender moments, this work demonstrates the dancers’ desires to feel genuine love.

Post Up, a forty-five minute work, will premiere at The Goat Farm Arts Center June 6, 2014. T. Lang, will collaborate with composer John Osburn and video interactive engineer, Deigratia Daniels, who will use technology as a real-time feedback mechanism during the performance. The dancers utilize sensors and custom software to communicate a visual representation of the complexities and manipulations of love.