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Locating Barbara


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Locating Barbara will be a three part video installation combining stop-animation with narratives told by Tori's relatives. As her mother Barbara battles a degenerative brain disease called fronto-temporal degeneration, Barbara's formative stories have been relocated to her three siblings who now provide the only source of this lost information. Tori will recollect these narratives by recording her aunts and uncle as they share stories of times with Barbara. Once edited for sound quality, these recordings will serve as the soundtrack for each animation. Utilizing stop-motion techniques, Tori will enable figures from her painted Hug series to act out each story. The process of stop-motion will allow her to create each new scene by drawing upon the erased drawings left from all previous ones. In leaving these marks visible, each animation will reflect its story as a sum of lost bits of past information. Tori's goals for this project are that the narratives ring "true" and that they evoke within audience members their own emotions related to loss -- from happiness to sadness, from anger to hope, and from fear to an undying resilience.