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Poetic Therapy: Save Our Selves

Spoken Word

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Poetic Therapy: Save Our Selves is a community art spectacle that will examine the power of words to heal and empower. A blend of liberation theology, guerilla art and spoken word will examine the relationship between public and performance space. It will take place on street corners in neighborhoods with high poverty and unemployment in the city of Atlanta. A mobile kiosk, typewriter, wooden soap box and bullhorn will serve as the tools to address social issues and engage community members. The artist, Lady Terror, believes that poetry can be a form of therapy and the act of reading and writing your own poems can change the journey of an individual to an empowered outcome. Words heal and our streets need healing. She will offer poetic therapy by typing original poems that respond to individuals’ specific problems. Community members will chant word science, celebrate words and scream poems on a bullhorn to explore poetry and ranting as a tool of self-empowerment.